Keith Hutchings: CCFI Can Assess Seal Impact on Cod Stocks

The CCFI can provide the expertise needed to evaluate the effect of seals on fish stock recovery. This knowledge is crucial to inform conservation and management strategies that are designed to ensure sustainable fishing practices.

CCFI Collaboration for Sustainable & Safe Harvesting Gear

CCFI advanced over 20 research projects in 2022 to promote beneficial innovations in harvesting, processing, and aquaculture sectors, including projects aimed at improving the sustainability, safety and success of harvesting efforts on the water.

AI Northern Shrimp Abundance Estimation Project

The CCFI approved a project using AI to create a population assessment model for Northern Shrimp in Eastern Canada in partnership with three fishing industry associations.

Global Growth Salmon Aquaculture Canada 2022

CCFI, in partnership with Innovation Norway and the Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University, hosted a delegation of Norwegian companies last week in support of expanding the aquaculture sector in NL.

On Target St. John’s with Keith Hutchings

Keith Hutchings, the Managing Director of the Canadian Center For Fisheries Innovation (CCFI), was recently a guest on the On Target St. John’s program, where he shared his insights and expertise on the industry.

Collaboration Creating Economic Development

Memorial Gazette article giving a deep dive on how collaboration between CCFI, academic expertise at MUN, and the private sector created economic opportunity.

Using AI to Estimate Shrimp Stocks

CCFI is supporting a project partnership with three fishing industry associations—The Canadian Association of Prawn Producers, the Northern Coalition, and the Nunavut Fisheries Association.

CCFI at The Laurentic Forum

CCFI played a significant role in the 13th annual Laurentic Forum – a virtual gathering of seafood experts from North Atlantic nations.

Keith Hutchings, Managing Director Email: Cell: (709) 631-3609
Janet Kielly, Office Manager Email: Office: (709) 778-0515