A long and valuable history; a bright and sustainable future!

Canada’s harvesting sector has thrived for over 200 years; operating off the coasts of a country the longest coastline in the world and some of the most plentiful freshwater resources. The national harvesting sector supports more the 90,000 jobs in local, coastal and Indigenous communities, and generates more than $9 billion in contributions to the national GDP annually.


Farming Oceans of Opportunity

Today, more than half the world seafood is produced from sea farming. In 2020, global aquaculture production reached a record 122.6 million tonnes, with a total value of USD 281.5 billion, clearly demonstrating the value of this fast-growing industry. In Canada, aquaculture activity is primarily focused on finish (primarily salmon and trout), and shellfish (mostly clams, mussels, oysters, and scallops) though other species are also being farmed.


Exceeding Expectations in a Dynamic Global Marketplace

Working with stakeholders in this sector, CCFI has helped develop innovations to improve the efficiency of production facilities in many ways including energy efficiency and production efficiency, we have assisted with enhancing automation research to help the Canadian sector remain competitive globally, and we have helped the sector pursue research into producing new product forms.


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