Snow crab is a very important species for the seafood industry in Atlantic Canada, generating hundreds of millions of dollars annually. Given the significance of this fishery, maximizing the value of the harvest is vital, and so much of the focus of research and development for this fishery is focused on efficiency. Specifically, significant research work has been conducted toward improving catch rates, which in turn minimizes the number fishing trips needed, and improves efficiency and the sustainability of the harvest. With that goal in mind Colcor Fisheries Ltd. partnered with CCFI and researchers from The Fisheries and Marine Institute to explore the potential of using light to attract crab to crab pots.

Previous research had demonstrated that LED lights had been effective in the past in attracting more crab, however these lights were expensive and required regular battery changes. This experiment explored the usefulness of using luminescent netting to provide the illumination that would increase the catch rate of snow crab.

The luminescent twine proved effective in attracting more crab, giving Canadian harvesters another potential tool to increase the sustainability and profitability of their operations, and the Canadian seafood industry overall.