Providing optimal care for farmed salmon is of the utmost importance to Canadian seafood farmers, which is why sea lice has been a focus of research and development activity in recent years. Sea lice are naturally occurring parasites that feed on the skin and mucous of both wild and farmed salmon, and their presence at sea sites must be mitigated in order to farm successfully.

With that goal in mind, Cold Ocean Salmon partnered with CCFI and researchers at the Ocean Sciences Centre at Memorial University to research alternative methods for sea lice removal at Atlantic Salmon farming sites using cleaner fish - specifically cunners and lumpfish. These fish are native to the province's coastal waters and naturally eat sea lice at the farms.

Research has continued for several years since that specific project was undertaken, with Ocean Sciences Centre researchers winning the Aquaculture Research Award of Excellence in 2022. Today, cleanerfish produced by the Ocean Sciences Centre support aquaculture operations throughout Atlantic Canada.